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Family Engagement Plan 2018-19


                                                                             Jefferson Elementary School
                                                                    School Level Parent Involvement Plan
                                                                                          2018 - 2019

The goal of Jefferson Elementary School is to provide a high quality education to meet the challenging standard of serving all children. The purpose of the Jefferson Elementary School is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency in Tennessee academic achievement standards and academic assessments. We value the role parents play as their children's first teacher and the influences of their continued support to promote higher student academic achievement and school performance.

Jefferson Elementary School envisions quality education for all by maintaining a positive, nurturing, and self-motivating environment. Jefferson Elementary School promotes life-long learning to prepare its students to become contributing members of our ever-changing society.

The following outline is in compliance with the legal requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The document represents joint development with parents, teachers, and principal. The policy will be available to all parents.

1. Parents will have an opportunity to assist in developing the building plan, review the program and make suggestions. To accomplish this:
a. All parents will be invited to an annual open house prior to the end of September to maximize the opportunity for parents to participate and discuss the following:
i. Title 1 objectives
ii. Instructional methods
iii. School objectives and instructional methods
iv. Discuss teacher and paraprofessional qualifications. Parent right to know who is qualified under No Child Left Behind Act
v. Test scores and how schools are identified for school improvement
vi. School District requirements concerning Title 1

2. Support will be provided to parents and teachers as they plan and implement effective parent involvement. We will:
a. Provide parent workshops and activities based on the assessed needs and interests.
b. Develop a Parent/Teacher/Student Compact in cooperation with both parents and teachers promoting its use for the betterment of the students.
c. Provide a facility that will be a working site for parents to hold meetings/workshops, work on projects, and obtain materials to encourage parents to support their child's learning.
d. Provide current, reputable parent literature/materials in a format that is
understandable to parents.

3. In order to promote the school's and parent's capacity to form a strong partnership and work toward higher student academic achievement we will:
a. Assist parents in such areas as the state standards, assessment, and how to monitor their child's progress
b. Encourage parents to visit their child's classroom during the school day
c. Inform parents of school activities through newsletters, phone calls, web sites, email, and other media.
d. Encourage staff to have regular two-way communication with parents through parent conferences, progress reports, home visits, classroom newsletters, school web site and provide opportunities for observation of classroom activities.
e. Cooperate with agencies and other resources to promote training for parents.
f. Encourage the education of teachers, pupil services personnel, principals and other staff members with the value of parent involvement in the school.
g. Make information available in language parents can understand.
h. Provide training to parents to work with their children to improve Academic achievement. Such training will include literacy and technology.

4. Jefferson Elementary School will encourage coordination of parent involvement activities with Jefferson County Family Resource Center.

5. Parents will participate in the annual evaluation of the content and effect of the parent involvement policy and practice. They will consider:
a. Increasing parent involvement
b. Ways to overcome barriers which may limit participation for those who are economically disadvantaged, disabled, have limited literacy, have limited English proficiency or are any racial/ethnic minority background.

6. Parents will have the opportunity to serve on a committee to develop a school-parent compact. Parents will also be involved in revising the plan each spring. If you feel the plan is not satisfactory, please direct any comments to Karen Blomdahl, family resource specialist, at 397-4466 or at