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Book Contest!!!
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Thursday, February 07, 2019
Exciting opportunity during February and March

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     Our students have an exciting opportunity during the months of February and March!  We will be having a book contest for our students.  We would love for every student to write a book!  Books will be judged and medals awarded for the top three winners in K-2 and 3-5.  All books will be displayed at our contest sponsored by Mossy Creek Literacy Council.  14 books total from Jefferson County will receive Gold, Silver, or Bronze awards and be invited to attend an honors banquet in May.  The following rules apply:


1. Each book needs to have a signed entry form (The bottom of this page)

2. Books will be judged on creativity, originality, grammar, mechanics, spelling, sentence development, sensory details, word choice, 

    outer appearance, and inner appearance.

3. No content that is inappropriate for a school contest.

4. Books need to be securely and neatly bound. This can be done with whatever materials you choose – blank books, staples, binding

    machines, folders, report covers, rings, etc.

5. Stories may be typed or handwritten.

6. Illustrations may be done by hand or computer generated.

7. ALL WORK MUST BE COMPLETED BY THE AUTHOR. Books must be entirely original. Adults may not type, revise, edit, design, or tamper

   with the author’s book design, writing, or illustrations in any way. (You may, of course, answer questions your child asks you)

   Individual books only. No group or partner books. ALL BOOKS MUST BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN MARCH 19, 2019. LATE BOOKS WILL

   NOT BE JUDGED. We hope to see lots of great books from our students! For questions, you can contact your child’s teacher, or you can

   contact me by email at

Leigh Daley, JES Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist

Ideas for Books:

* ABC books (A is for…B is for…C is for…) or Number books (This is 1…This is 2…This is 3…)

* Books on a favorite topic (animals, hobbies, toys, games, friends, etc.)

* A personal story

* A fairy tale or fractured fairy tale, tall tales, fables, biographies

* “All About” books (All about me, All about horses, All about…etc.)

* Books with repeated or familiar patterns (mimic another author’s style)

* My favorite books (My favorite people, my favorite candies, my favorite toys, etc)

Good luck!!!!!

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