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Principal's Corner


I am happy to welcome your student to Jefferson Elementary School and am looking forward to a terrific school year.

We have enrolled your child for the 2017-2018 school year.  Our wish for your child is the same as yours - that this year will be one of growth, learning, and accomplishment for him or her.

Children are our future and we want to teach them to be successful and productive citizens.  Bringing up children is a difficult task.  This requires the wholehearted cooperation of parents, teachers, and other individuals involved.  We pledge to you our full cooperation in making possible a school environment that is favorable to learning.

Cooperation between home and school is made more effective when there is communication resulting in understanding.  You are encouraged to contact the school and make an appointment for conferences with teachers when you feel it is necessary.  If anything is not clear to you, please contact the office staff or myself so that we may explain the situation.  Communication is the key to resolving issues.

Jefferson Elementary emphasizes the qualities of respect, responsibility, citizenship, caring, trustworthiness, and fairness.  Your support is appreciated and will help us to achieve a happier and safer place for all of our students.



Craig Day