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We are excited to offer an after-school program that is designed to provide foundational skills and experimental learning opportunities where all students achieve at their highest levels.  Our goal is to equip your child with basic fundamental knowledge that will provide a foundation for a lifetime of learning!


S.T.E.M. education references Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The essential elements of the program are to empower the individual to think “outside the box” through scientific methods and math logic.  The curriculum will place students into real world situations that require them to gather and connect data, ask questions, draw conclusions, and stretch the limits of their imaginations.  We want to encourage your child to become confident in his or her abilities, to gain knowledge through hands-on learning activities, and to be focused learners in both a self-directed and team atmosphere.  The S.T.E.M. program believes that participation in individual and group activities will allow a child to practice habits of collaboration, critical thinking, inquiry, and design.